Local-Universe Information-Harvesting

The Buckminster Fuller Archive released the 42-hour lecture series Everything I Know. Parts 1-12 are available on the Internet Archive, and the whole transcript as well.

Here is a small hint on what he gets at:
I don’t really have a word „artificial“ …I don’t really have a word „unnatural.“ I say, „if nature permits it, it is natural if nature doesn’t permit it, you can’t do it.“ You may not be familiar with the fact that nature allows that, but the fact of your unfamiliarity doesn’t make it unnatural. If it is unfamiliar to us we tend to say it is artificial or unnatural.
So, I now assume, that when people say that something is „natural,“ „natural“ is the way they found it when they checked into the picture, and this picture has been changing incredibly rapidly, and with the society in general going along all the old rules of cities and customs where you are seeing a whole lot of each other which is really irrelevant. And so that is one reason why then, the young people of our day, began to see things very, very differently from their parents; and to realize that the long traditions and customs were really no longer appropriate. It wasn’t a matter of the unfriendliness of a young generation with an older generation; it was simply that the new generation was being born into a new „natural,“ which was absolutely „unnatural“ to grown ups.

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„99.999 percent of the search and research for everything that is going to affect all our lives tomorrow is being conducted in the realm of reality nondirectly contactable by the human senses.“