More World Material

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As part of the Stary Grunwald Sculpture Residency in Poznan, Poland, Stratagrids member Max Stocklosa realized a commissioned public work in the form of a 14×3,50 m poster.

Below a small introductory into the topic / And here, a hig.res english version of the poster:


What can we do with the screen version of the planet? How is this quality to be measured?


The quality that gains velocity in the material reality of ultra high definition realities. The good and bad moods of the material compounds which carefully withdraw from the staged real-time. The natural resources which quietly dive into a green screened tablet the size of the equator.

Where are the deserts? Where is the Marlboro Man? Vaporized in an Ultra HD bonfire? Why?

We want to live in a 2D world. Or rather, we want to live in a 2D world, once it has enough of the 3D. Actually, a 2D that feels like a 3D is enough! This is an old idea. Old desire.
The desire is still there. Maybe the desire is what appeals and not the HD.
But HD is horny. Even natural things look sexual. HD trees are sexy.
Imagine waterfalls!


We want to have it all packed ready. The pavement, the sports complex, water parks, museums. Its not twisted. Reality is staying. Its more of a two sided butter toast. A greasy membrane that is rotating around its own axis. You are here, always.

So many device have been produced to look through, to catch a glimpse at things.
What have you become microwave? Why do you still speak to me in this poor language?
The poor pebble and all his ancestors. They leave us alone with their rendered clichés.
Unborn stones – overcome the natural, and with it, inevitably leaving the artificial realm.
Transcend both ideas: nature and culture.


Most things will always be absent. But they supposedly become profoundly real,
once they are captured and presented by our measuring systems.
Dark matter can’t be detected by our devices.
The digital – dark matter.
Its subsurface reveals nothing to end or begin with. No body limits.
There is no depth to be measured in the screen.

You can choose the state of matter when there is no actual material left.