The Source Of The Cheese Is Neither Here Nor There

The discussions around the concept of artificial and natural seems indeed over.

Though still, its rather easy to get the whole picture, when from now onward, everything shall be merged – simply drained among each other. Is there a proper image for that? Can It be seen, smelled or be touched, when it approaches you in its highly trivial form?

So once more we attempt to guide ourselves via the forensics of daily material:


(Graphics and Text below by Jonas Derifer // Thanks!)

1. Primary Modifications
The inner frame represents the local condition. The everyday material we live in (like houses, streets, tv’s etc.) which have literally been taken of the ground, as all man-made material (even plastic! Its mainly made of petroleum) is made of natural sources. This is the first form of natural modification.
2. Secondary Modifications
The outer frame represents the global condition. Those occurrences and conditions result from the material in the inner frame. The tools that sometimes purposefully and sometimes accidentally produce a second form of natural modification or (in the case of geoengineering for instance) try to tackle natural modifications with another natural manipulation.

The graphic should illustrate the connection between micro and macro scales. Making visible that recent eco-global processes can be traced back to the place of initial production; the natural that can be found in our every day tools which is eventually circling back to itself.