STRATAGRIDS presents: Particles, a new publication by Max Stocklosa.

The publication is an introductory into the seemingly infinite traits of the particle and its various relationships with humans. With an emphatic gaze, the human as well as the non-human positions are considered and reveal that the complex correlation of  both entities often articulate itself in behavioral polarities and misunderstandings.  Analytical thinking and control in relation to scattered stubborness. Still, the intentions of the object and subject tend to blur more often than not, obscuring the pursue of each others utilization. The only guarantee left is the omnipresence of the particle, which seems to lie in and on top of everything.

The book was realized with support from The Center For Land Use Interpretation at their Wendover Residence Program in the desert of Utah and Nevada. A particle heavy environment at the edge of the Great American Void.




Particles follow a double standard of elusive ubiquity. This trait renders them as extremely
recalcitrant contemporaries, and thereby a nuisance for many. Consistently they reorganize
and transform themselves anew, to measure up to the respective object they are occupying.
Depending on the context a star within a galaxy can count as a particle just as a grain of dust
in the library can. Of natural as well as of anthropogenic origin, they are the primary matter
that unites all substances to an aggregate. However, the most common particles, like dust for
instance, are only a few micrometers in size. On account of their unapproachable character
particles often give rise to metaphysical speculations, incertitude and mistrust. As part of an
object they are invisible. When becoming visible they are already transforming themselves,
in order to settle down in another location, or to disappear altogether to escape their own

excerpt from Particles


Text author: Max Stocklosa
28 Pages, 12 Pages english leaflet
+ Bonus information sheet
23 x 16 cm
B/W Offset print

The Book is available through AKV Berlin.