Stratagrids @ The Anthropocene Project, HKW Berlin

Dear Reader,

We are more than happy that the ANTHROPOCENE* is talking in front of a massive audience for the next
two years (yes two!) in Berlin at HKW’s Anthropocene Project …and that we will showcase two (also!) new STRATAGRIDS publications prior to their official release at the research archive of this event.

The titles include Feldbuch: Marzahner Promenaden Geologie by Daniel Wolter and Partikel by Max Stocklosa. As always, published with the fine people of AKV Berlin.

So come and see how the ANTHROPOCENE is doing this thursday at the HKW Berlin, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10!


The “Anthropocene” is the new geological “age of mankind” as proposed by the Earth sciences. Popularized by Nobel Prize winner Paul J. Crutzen around the turn of the millenium, the term now stands for one of the most trailblazing scientific concepts of the present. The transdisciplinary Anthropocene Project explores this concept, using research and presentation methods from the arts and sciences. If the opposition between humanity and nature is now suspended, how do we change our perspectives and perception? Is it still possible to think in concepts like “artificial” and “natural?” What does it mean for our anthropocentric understanding and our future if nature is man-made? What impact does the notion of global changes has on political decision-making? Which image of humanity appears if nature is shaped by mankind?” — Bernd M. Scherer and Katrin Klingan, introduction to The Anthropocene Project