Trapped But Mapped (Rectangular Circles)

I don’t think you can escape the primacy of the rectangle. I always see myself thrown back to the rectangle. That’s where my things don’t offer any kind of freedom in terms of endless visitas or infinite possibilities.

R. Smithon

Desert cemetery, Utah, USA. // Image: Stratagrids

-You can buy a piece of land –

– Still real cheap –

– After all it’s a piece of a real big piece –

– way to big to comprehend –

– a chunk of the only existing universal oasis –

The Geological Survey measured out the terra incognita in order to lay its topographical features, and later the hyper defined townships on millions of paper sheets  — paper sheets that have been made of the very same material that they try to represent.

The marked surface (of the property) comes in a neat rectangular shape which is inscribed on a rectangular map most likely in a rectangular room that is surrounded by a rectangular screen.
Zoom out —— and out, and you will find yourself just where you started. At the designated site of your preferred piece of land pinpointed on a map – or the very place from where you are operating within your multiple rectangles right now.

Rectangular Circle // Stratagrids-Diagram