The Laws Of Universal Matter

I can’t see a clear difference or division between man and nature anymore. Rather the opposite. I feel like humans have, in some way, managed to come closer to nature again by altering it. And consequently nature comes closer to men as well, though as always, it seems evident that nature will rupture through each rule this close looking relationship might have.

Nadine Lark

It seems as with increasing speed the forces of the globe start to turn around toward men again. Most of the time those forces are understood as violent acts, though they are not being treated as violent acts within the human concept of justice represented by a court, except maybe for insurance based lawsuits in the delicate case of so called natural hazards.

On the other hand, very recently humans can be punished and called perpetrators if they do harm to the matter of the earth, whereby the earth is playing the role of the victim and is granted the same rights as human-rights. (A handful of mud has served as evidence for a lawsuit in Ecuador against an Oil company, as Paulo Tavares of Forensic Architecture has recently pointed out in an article titled Murky Evidence).

Though once the Earth is understood as a subject, the questions rises if the earth itself could be the perpetrator and thus can be made liable for doing harm to humans or their build environment. This would open a tuff task for the makers of laws, as all men-made material is ultimately somehow made of natural material. Plastic is made of petroleum, cement of fossils, electronic technology depends on ore etc. Everything within all stuff that makes up humans designed environment is utterly entangled with natural matter.

So who is acting against or according to the law if a volcano erupts and covers whole towns with dust? Who judges the oversized hail corn that destroys cars or the latest harvest? What about the beavers destroying the new designed park with its planted trees? Who pays for that? Could it be explained as suicide attempt if nature harms itself?

Who should save whom from whom? Are we ready for a new universal law that would give rights and consequently also responsibility to all existing matter?


Below you can find a brief and somewhat clarifying diagram of compiled examples for the above mentioned confusing situation. The diagram is available for a closer reading as a digital pdf handout here. >>>